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Group: Maintenance and Upgrade

A constant reliability of test system is an imperative factor for every customer. Important necessities for reducing downtime and continuing productions are regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment. It is one of a critical part of the production process and serves to avoid a loss of production, and finally increase efficiency.



To evaluate the actual condition of your devices and installation, we provide regular inspection to find any sign of faults and initiate countermeasures. This will secure the device availability over a long term and minimize any stoppage-related failures.



Regular maintenance increases the life-span of your system. to have a good maintenance, see the predefined maintenance schedules and, if necessary, contact us and request a more detail maintenance and inspection from us, we will send an expert service engineer directly to you.


Remote maintenance:

Test systems may fail. To reduce these downtimes, we provide a remote service for fast fault detection. as far as software issue are concerned, including upgrading software or the integration of required software options, remote maintenance can help you without a cost-intensive service trip being necessary, we handle your problem. The preliminary clarification of the fault also helps us to go equipped with the necessary spare part and finally, save time and money.



If repair is necessary, our service engineers are available to you. You can send your device either to our partner or directly to our head office in Babol. Please provide a precise de ion of problem. It can help us a fast and efficient service saving you time and cost.

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